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  • Merchandising Partnership

    I had the opportunity recently to work with Teresa Merwin from the Anderson Hospital Gift Shop in Maryville, IL, and her sales rep Deane Ballance-Stanley from DNA Sales. Teresa has been working with Howard’s and Deane for quite a while, so when she reached out to us to help bring some pop to her displays we were both happy to help!

    Teresa sent me some pictures of her space and we discussed some of the challenges of making a statement that looks good from both sides of a window. Teresa’s front window has a lot of potential and flexibility with her adjustable shelving. Getting those shelves placed correctly will really help the product look proportionate in the allowed space. With this flexibility, she was able to really showcase her new Howard’s jewelry boards, forms, and wood spinner display.

    Deane worked with Teresa to pull the look together with handbags and other accessories on each side, giving the area a clean and cohesive look. It also allowed the customer to shop from both sides of the window! One tricky aspect to window displays: you don’t want to overfill it. Keeping the look uncluttered allows the customer to see through the statement and into the store – this creates an inviting feeling. They also are able to see more products that can get them into your shop.

    The ladies did a wonderful job of pulling together a new Spring statement for Teresa. Here at Howard’s, we are always happy to help. It was such a great experience to work with these two and build a lasting partnership!

  • Bright and Refreshing Look for Spring

    It is an exciting time of year right now! We are able to create bright and refreshing statements. I like to go with an “anchor” fixture to pull my statements together. In our Minneapolis showroom, my anchor is this beautifully rustic turquoise fixture. I start there, and then begin to build the products around it. Howard’s stonewash tops and bright jewelry really complement each other, and it gives a ‘pop’ of color that draw in more customers. These customers can be looking for a new Spring outfit, or something they would wear while traveling. I believe this is the best time of year for merchandising; we are all back from attending local and national markets, and we are eager to get new products out for a great 2018!

  • Mix It Up

    Mixing it up is a fun way to offer customers additional ideas of how they change up their wardrobe, and also giving you an opportunity to make an impactful statement. You can be creative with different textures of fabric, jewelry and accessories. Pick an anchor item to build your statement around. It could be an item of jewelry, sweater or colors in a scarf.  Do not over pack your apparel statement with items that don’t make sense. Keep your display clean and simple for the customer to shop.

  • Holiday Refresh

    Hopefully by this time your holiday sales are in full swing and your statements are in need of a refresh. One of the things I like to do is add core product to the holiday mix. Howard’s Dazzler Trio Earrings are sure to impress. Picking core product is also a great way to move inventory out the door before the end of the year.  Last, add some subtle touches with holiday greens and get those candles out for customers to smell-we want to have those nostalgic aroma’s in the air.

    Featured in the photo is Howard’s Dazzler Trio Earrings, candles from Greenmarket Purvey Co, and birch bark snowman from a local nursery.

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